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Healing into Awakening

Mar 4, 2020

Dear Friends, In this new reading, which is about idealizing the spiritual state and thereby missing the state we are in—which is the only state that actually leads us to freedom—I say Your hands need to be empty in order to receive. Well, that’s true enough for a start but not completely true. Emptying your hands, that is, laying down your previous ideas of what should be and looking at what is, is important. But I would like to add this: even if your hands are not empty, that’s OK. In a sense, our hands can never be empty. We have, after all, a body that holds history in its flesh and a mind and heart that are based on echoes from the past and anticipations of the future. So the point is not to try to empty your hands so much as to know what is in them. When you know your history is in your hands, or someone else’s ideas or path, you are ahead of the game. Only return to yourself as you are is what I would say now.