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Healing into Awakening

Feb 18, 2020

Every time I see someone succeed along some portion of their spiritual path, I am brought to tears. What does “succeed” mean in terms of a spiritual path? To me, it is not about achieving some so-called higher state; it is not about gaining new powers or equanimity or even only getting insight into a psychological state, important though that is.  Instead, it is that moment when the heart surrenders to what is, when we stop defending against the human condition—even for a brief moment—and find in its vast imperfection and temporality a moment of deep acceptance that is so vast we suddenly feel connected to every other pulsating thing in the cosmos, all the other temporary people, all the mortal stars, all the earth and its creatures. It is in those moments we hear that sweet and bitter song of being alive and the harmonies of gratefulness fill our being. And it starts with being open to our own suffering. - Jason Shulman