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Healing into Awakening

Jan 30, 2020

Every one of us who has attempted to walk the road of the spirit has had many encounters with the Great Bear Mother, that implacable life-force that simply cannot take “no” for an answer. All difficult moments in our lives, whether they are with partners and mates, with illness or health, with friends or foes, are actually encounters with the Great Bear. You don’t  have to be a student of any particular discipline to have experienced what it is like to walk into the unknown with all the best of intentions, hoping to gain more clarity and insight into yourself and your place in the universe and encountering what we might call “resistance.” To counter our resistance, there resides in the universe an opposite force that demands, calls forth and insists upon awakening. This force resides in each of us, in that part that is not only personal. In this piece this calling appears as the Great Bear Mother.